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The Bioenergy market covers a multitude of different feedstocks. The most commoditized are wood pellets and wood chips. Both are increasingly being used as a renewable alternative to oil, gas and coal, and at Voyage, we pride ourselves on working with sustainably sourced and certified suppliers around the globe.
Industrial Wood Pellets

Wood pellets are the most standardised, sustainable and widely used biomass for large-scale power generation and heating use in Europe and Asia with biomass the only baseload renewable that can replace coal.

Residential Wood Pellets

Residential, or premium pellets, are a higher quality wood pellet consisting of lower ash. They are used in the domestic market to generate heat for smaller scale biomass boilers. This tends to be for the business community or the home heating market.  

Wood Chips


Wood chips are produced from the chipping process of wood trunks, logs or as a by-product from sawmilling. The chips are lower in energy content than wood pellets but offer savings on price if managed correctly.



The most important element in the biomass story is sustainability. For biomass to be effective at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, it must be produced in a sustainable manner. This starts with the growing and harvesting of feedstock and continues at every step until final energy conversion. The process poses different challenges that must be managed consistenly every time.

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