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Power stations fuelled on wood pellets and wood chips can complement intermittent renewables such as wind and solar energy. But in order to reduce CO2 emissions and preserve the ecosystem and biodiversity, the feedstock must be produced in a sustainable way.


Biomass production involves a chain of activities ranging from the growing of feedstock to final energy conversion. Each step along the way can pose different sustainability challenges that need to be managed correctly for every tonne.


When evaluating any biomass transaction, the Voyage goal is to promote responsible management of forests worldwide, with an eye to environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management. By brokering wood pellets or wood chips that is either FSC, PEFC or now SBP certified, we aim to demonstrate our commitment to responsible forest management and wood biomass sourcing, by providing evidence for our customers that the products are sustainably harvested, processed and shipped.


The Sustainable Biomass Partnership (SBP) has been created by seven European energy companies, including Drax and Dong Energy. The primary goal of SBP is to implement a system that can document that the energy companies' use of biomass gives a significant CO2 reduction compared to fossil fuels and that their suppliers meet the most strict and ambitious requirements in Europe.


More information about SBP can be found here.

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