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The wood pellet market continues to grow in several sectors around the globe. Pellets for industrial heating and power has witnessed major growth in recent years in Europe, North America and Asia, while EnPlus wood pellets for domestic heating has become the largest market in Europe with rising consumption across many EU member states.


An increasing number of fossil fuel plants are being retro-fitted throughout Europe and Asia to utilise biomass through co-firing coal and biomass together or in full conversions to 100pc biomass as demonstrated by Drax in the UK.


All of this is underpinned by policy with government subsidies for renewables through Feed in Tariffs, Renewable Portfolio Standards or in some countries a carbon tax on coal helping biomass to compete against fossil fuels.


Voyage Power uses all its market experience and expertise in bioenergy to assist existing and new clients in consultancy projects. The scope can range from price discovery of biomass feedstock to forest management and fibre studies. Our expertise runs from sourcing of raw material and land management through to logistics, storage, power generation and the key policy underpinning it. Our team have nearly ten years of experience and have completed work for European utilities, hedge funds and producers and assisted Asian traders and utilities on pricing models and analysis.


Some of our key areas of work include:


  • Supply and demand fundamentals and analysis

  • Price forecasting of wood pellets and wood chips

  • Analysis of renewable and biomass policy

  • Competing fuel economics and risk assessment

  • Due diligence for new projects and investment decisions


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