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Residential Wood Pellets

Residential, or premium pellets as they are also known, are a higher quality wood pellet consisting of lower ash. They are used in the domestic market to generate heat for smaller scale biomass boilers outside of large power plants. This tends to be for the business community or the home heating market.  Wood pellet consumption for heating in Europe is now over 12 million tonnes a year.


The most widely accepted heating pellet standard is EnPlus A1. It is an independent certification scheme that covers the heating markets across Europe. ENplus A1 is considered the highest quality standard and is recognized as the benchmark across all 27 EU member states. The standard has helped increase wood pellet quality in what was previously a fragmented market, with common and quality standards on ash, moisture and calorific values now improved and consistent across Europe. 


At Voyage Power we have longstanding relationships in this market with producers across Europe and North America and help facilitate bulk transactions. 


You can see the EnPlus A1 specification here.



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